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MATERNIA - wsłuchaj się w siebie

ClownSpirit Summer School 2015

"To be or to Be"


26-31 July 2015


The clown is a master in the art of BEING.

Fully present, open and in wonder of whatever occurs in the open space of ‘now’. With curiosity and an open hart he embraces life in all aspects.

Clowning is not about acting. It’s not about too big shoes and silly jokes.
It’s an invitation to connect to yourself and to others, embrace whatever there is and play with it.

The clown brings us back to our essence. To the freedom, love, openness, connection and playfulness which is our true nature.
At the same time the clown gives us the opportunity to play with all the aspects that hold us back to be fully present: our fears, our expectations, and our defence mechanisms. By inviting that aspects within us as well and by playing with them, they lose their seriousness.

This week is a great possibility to take a deep dive into yourself. To feel, to connect, to give yourself space, to let your energy flow again, and last but for sure not at least: to have a lot of fun together.

No experience whatsoever is needed.

















Looking forward to meeting and playing with you!


About Kirsten:


Kirsten Lüpke (1963) is a dramateacher, trainer, coach and clown.

Born in Germany she went in 1987 to study drama and theatre in the Netherlands, where she still lives.

Since 2005 she runs her own clownsschool "ClownSpirit" and since january 2015 she owns a second company, called "Play to be".

Kirsten is truly passionate about supporting people to awaken to their true essence and their potential. And about using play and clown as an instrument that not only is very powerful, but also a lot of fun. She is known for her knowledge of human nature, her compassion, her clarity, and her humor.






We start on the 26th together at 18.00 o’clock with a meal and finish on Friday 31th at the end of the evening. On Saturday after breakfast you have time to pack and say goodbye.



We will work all mornings, and then either in the afternoon or in the evening. So that you also have time to relax and go for a swim in the afternoon.

On Wednesday we only work in the morning so you also have a chance to go for a trip (for example to Gdansk), or just to rest.

We will also have ‘sharing time’ every day.




Special introductory price of the course, excl. VAT: 640 zl  


Special introductory price of accommodation for 7 days inclusief all meals:

640 zl when you sleep in your own tent or

800 zl when you prefer to sleep in the house in a two-bed-bedroom


This is a very special welcome-price to celebrate the opening of Maternia and the first Summer School in Poland with you.


To sign up click 


If you have questions about the accommodation, transport, food or prices, please contact Iwona.

If you have questions about the Clownspirit Summer School contact Kirsten at email:



And here is how Daniel (12) interprets the title 

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