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Between May and October each year you are welcome to visit Maternia.

We have the following 5 rooms te rent :


Ground floor:

  • two-persons bed with own bathroom 

  • 2 one -persons beds with the use of the same bathroom through other door (children' room)

1st floor :

  • 3 two-persons bed with own bathroom 

  • 'Green room' is flexible 1, 2, of 3 one-persons beds with own red bathroom 

  • Big room (30m2) flexible but empty:

    • as a course room 

    • as work room with wifi

    • as sleeping room with materaces 


All rooms have a wonderful view.


All walls are covered with cobe: a mix of clay, sand, straw and water, coming from our land, for a natural indoor climate in the color of the earth.

In the bathrooms we applied the inspiration from an artist and ecologist: Hundertwasser. He prefered  organic lines instead of the straight ones as they do not occur in natuure.  


The water comes from the well and used ends in the septic tank. From there we pomp the water out to give it back to nature. That is also why we use only natural detergents, soaps and shampoos.



We love to celebrate food. 

We have our ecological vegetable garden and lots of fruits.

Our chockeberry (aronia) field delivers lots of fruits for the sweet tinctures. In the summer blue berries from the garden replace berries from the forest.  

We adjust our cooking to your needs and preferences.

Anyway we guarantee the culinary discoveries.


"When you drink from the stream remember the source"


Autheur Onbekend

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