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MATERNIA - connect to nature 

Maternia is an expression of our love for nature, wild life, silence and peace; our wish to live in harmony with nature.  

I feel a part of nature here more than in the city, where I come from. I love the freedom and space that Maternia gives me to experience the life close to nature, to make a campfire, swim in a clear water, plant the trees and shrubs full of tasty fruits, follow the tracks and traces of wild animals visiting us here regularly and last but not least to meet like-minded people, beacuse all the wealth must be shared to be fully enojoyed.

And the Earth needs more ambassadeurs to speak on her behalve. Therefore I am happy to use all my skills, creativity and enthousiasm to make your stay by Maternia a meanigful experience.  


I hope to contribute to a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones and nature through an open-hearted contact, relaxed atmoshere and a range of inspiring activities. 

We pay lots of attention to healthy and tasty foods and take into account your preferences. We harvest from our vegetable garden and from the wild. 

I get loads of inspiration from many sources, you can read about them by 'Inspiration'. However the most important one is 'Heart of Awakening' when it comes to authentic being and Jon Young from Wilderness Awareness School when it comes to connection with nature. 

'We only care about what we love

we only love what we are bond with' 

So if it resonates with you, just let me know when you would like to visit us here. There are plenty of possibilities. 

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