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The most important job of a woman

I've just finished a wonderful book "Unearthing Venus- My search for the woman within" van Cate Montana that I would like to recommend to every woman who recognizes that living in a man's world as a woman is not easy. All the way through it felt so familiar and healing at the same time.

The great examples of equal harmonious cultures come from the indigenous tribes. Hereby a short revealing interview with a tribe elder from the book: " our tribe men and women have different jobs.The men hunt, fish, cut wood for fires, cut down the trees to build huts and canoes. The women cook, make clothes, gather wild edibles and care for children. As elders, men and women have equal say and guide people. But there is one job the women perform that is the most important job in the tribe. In fact, the survival of the tribe depends upon this one task. " Now you need to gues which one of course?

If it's difficult hereby a tip: ... "My friend you must know that, left to their own devices, men will hunt until there are no more animals in the forest. They will fish until there are no more fish in the rivers and cut down the trees until there are no more trees. It is their nature. It is the job of the women of the tribe to tell the men to (...)" Fill in the blank! And next he wondered why 'our' women don't fulfill this task.

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